Database Dumps of

NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
2016-01-11.sql.gz2024-01-28 17:02 65Mfirst dump
2016-02-18.sql.gz2024-01-28 17:02 65Mcontains de and pl abstracts
2016-04-07.sql.gz2024-01-28 17:02 66Mfixed full-name search
2022-11-28.sql.gz2024-01-28 17:03 66Mlast dump of old layout
2023-12-28.sql.gz2024-01-28 17:03 105MUnicode 15.0
2024-01-26.sql.gz2024-01-28 17:04 100MUnicode 15.1
latest.sql.gz2024-01-28 17:04 100Mlatest dump

These dumps each contain a single MySQL file that you can use to establish a local copy of

How to in six easy steps:

  1. Get the code. Either download it as a ZIP file or clone it via git:
    git clone
  2. In that folder, that you extracted or cloned, (one above the index.php file) create a file config.ini with the content:
  3. Download the latest dump from the list above and unzip it:
    curl -sS | gunzip > init.sql
  4. Then start the Docker images:
    docker compose up
  5. Import the SQL into the Docker db:
    cat init.sql | docker exec <DB CONTAINER> mysql codepts
  6. Presto! Your local clone is ready at localhost:8000.

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